Aster chilensis
‘Purple Haze’
(syn. Symphyotrichum chilense)

This UBER-TOUGH Cal native Aster, performs like a champ bursting into a cloud of 1.5”-2” golden-eyed, lavender “daisy” blooms in August to October, even in the driest, worst- soil part of your garden! Native to much of California, it’s happy in any soil including CLAY, is EXTREMEMELY DROUGHT TOLERANT, needing only occasional water to keep it pretty. HEAT TOLERANT and much loved by butterflies and bees. To 2.5’ tall and wide it’s a good choice for parking strips and neglected areas. Spreads vigorously by rhizomes in well -watered gardens, not much with low water. Great in containers. Cut back to ground after bloom. Deciduous. Deer resistant!


Avg./Low Water

CA Native Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 6-10