Oxalis purpurea

Oxalis purpurea Salmon Oxalis purpurea Salmon

How pretty is this rare color of “Wood Sorrel”? Sweet 1.5-2” flaring trumpet-shaped flowers of a most lovely shade of peach highlighted with a yellow throat give you something to smile over from late Fall to mid-Spring. Plant it in a pot right near a door so you can enjoy it during the coldest days. To only 6” tall and creating clumps of pretty clover-like foliage, the bulbs readily increase over time. Easily grown in medium well-drained soil. Summer deciduous. It can be overwintered – dry – indoors. A .5” top-dress of compost in Fall helps them increase.


Sun (coast)
AM Sun (hotter areas)

Avg./No Summer Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 8b-10