Kniphofia rooperi
“East Cape Poker”

Kniphofia rooperi East Cape Poker
Photo courtesy of Jörg Kaspari

The perfect Kniphofia for the average water garden! This South African marshland native is perfect for gardens where other, less moisture-tolerant, Kniphofias would just melt. Grows to about 3-4’ tall and wide with thin, grass-like foliage. In Fall or Winter, extra chubby orange and yellow bi-color flower spikes emerge on sturdy, erect stems held just above the foliage, blooming for 4-8 weeks! Evergreen in USDA zones 9+, but a good freeze will force it into Winter dormancy. Plant in rich, humusy, well-drained soil. Happy plants will get bigger and better every year, spreading slowly by rhizomes.

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Average Water

USDA zones 7-11