'Ruby's Tuesday'

Dianthus Ruby's Tuesday

Flowering almost non-stop from late Spring thru Fall, this wonderful new Carnation produces a seemingly endless supply of clove-scented, vivid red, 2” double blooms. Forms a weed-suppressing mound of silvery grey-green foliage up to over 12” high and wide. Flowers appear in clusters on 18” stems, opening is slow succession for a prolonged display. Dianthus are one of our favorite garden staples, providing beautiful, cottagey, butterfly and hummer attracting flowers on an lovely, glimmery, evergreen plant that is surprisingly low water and low maintenance! Just provide excellent drainage, biannual composting, deadhead occasionally, and prune back by half in the Fall. Lovely in a container (5 gal+).

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Low Water

USDA zones 5-11
(annual elsewhere)
(USPP# 13,872)