Shallot Ambition

Shallots are hugely popular in French and Southeast Asian cooking and though best when their delicate flavor can be appreciated (think sauteed in butter), shallots can take the place of an onion whenever you need it. The greens can be used fresh or frozen, and a sprinkling of fried shallot is a prized condiment in Indonesian cooking. ‘Ambition’ is a traditional globe-shaped shallot with a slightly high “French shoulder”, quite large (1.5-2” across) with copper-colored skin and white flesh. It is easy to grow in well-drained soils with lots of organic matter and full sun, and in my garden in Richmond shallots have always been more successful than onions. Since we grow them from seed, they get a clean start without any bulb borne diseases. Plant the seedlings 2-3” apart, water well but avoid sogginess, then cut back on water after around 100 days (the green tops will be around 8 inches tall) to strengthen the skins. Harvest after 120 days and store in mesh bags until use.

Anni J.

Average Water

Perennial Edible Bulb
USDA zones 2-9