Puya yakespala

Puya yakespala
Photo courtesy of Rare Palm Seeds

This year’s newest rare Puya (I just can’t stop!) is said to be the highest altitude Puya in Argentina (from the Salta Province) & therefore, more cold hardy! Surreal 8’ tall club-like spikes covered in tan wooliness unfold into a mass of bright lemon yellow blooms accentuated with green stamens. Neat mid-green barbed rosettes, 1-3’ across, multiply slowly over time to form a clump of rosettes. Now if that’s too big you can always grow it in a large barrel sized container. Totally deer proof & highly drought tolerant, it’s best grown in well-drained soil. Now, ha! How cool would this be in your new low water front yard? Occasional Summer water is not a bad idea. Hardy to at least 15 degrees F.


Avg./No Summer Water

USDA zones 8-10