'Old Berkeley'

Fuchsia 'Old Berkeley'

Brought to you by Fuchsia rustlers lurking around old Bay Area gardens, we’re not sure of the real name here, but we do know that this is one gorgeous old-timer! To a bushy 5’ x 4’, with arching branches, you get loads of these dreamy flowers, a good 2” in size, with deep matte purple corollas beneath green tipped white sepals. Valuable for filling a corner with year-round bloom, arching over a fence and for inviting hummingbirds. Evergreen. Loamy soil, side dress with compost annually and cut back anytime for lesser stature or just to refresh!


Sun/Pt. Sun (coast)
Brt. Shade/Pt. Sun (inland)

Average water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-10