Iresine herbstii

Iresine herbstii Brilliantissimo Iresine herbstii Brilliantissimo

Vivid tropicalesque leaves add instant garden drama! This stunning foliage plant forms a dense mound of shiny, succulent, deep green to purple leaves with hot-pink veining and turns a sumptuous magenta-red in shade! Super fast-growing, it can reach 5’ high and 3’ wide in its first year – but occasional pinching back will keep it shorter and encourage bushiness. Small sprays of white flowers appear in Summer. A great way to bring bold colors to a less-than-exciting green garden bed. Often grown as an annual or houseplant in cold-Winter areas,  it’s perennial in frost-free zones. Provide rich garden soil for best growth and cut back in late Winter for best habit.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Brt. Shade
Average water

USDA zones 9b-11
(Annual elsewhere)