Lupinus propinquus
“Blue Bush Lupine”

(Syn. Lupinus arboreus ‘Blue Form’)

Lupinus propinquus Blue Bush Lupine Lupinus arboreus Blue Form

Very much like “Yellow Tree Lupine”, but with ever-so-desirable lavender and white blooms! Hard to find, this California native shrub thrives with little water once established and is deer resistant and salt and sand tolerant. Bursting into profuse bloom in May (with some Summer water until July), the 6-8” upright fragrant spikes beckon all the butterflies and bees. Best in not-so-fertile, well-drained soil and a great choice for hillsides and barrel-sized containers. Cut back to 3’ x 3’ in Fall to maintain bushiness. Self-sows!


Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

CA Native Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 7-10