Pumpkin 'Charisma'

Grow your very own jack-o’-lantern for Halloween!  Much more fun when you have watched it grow from a wee seedling to a hunky 14-18 lb. show stopper. Growing pumpkins in foggy areas like coastal California can have its heartaches, but this mildew resistant variety is the way to go! And since rain or irrigation can cause the same problem, it’s good anywhere. Plant in full sun in fertile garden soil. Though this is a ‘reduced length vine’, it needs space to grow - lead it to a less cultivated part of the garden &/or shorten the vines after fruit set. Water deeply but infrequently for best results & avoid wetting the leaves. You can taper off the water as the pumpkin matures. Fertilize regularly while growing. When the pumpkin is uniformly light orange & the shell resists the pressure of a fingernail, cut the ‘handle’  & get the knives & candles ready.

Anni J.,

Full Sun
Average water

Annual Vegetable
All Zones