'Purple Bumble Bee'

Tomato 'Purple Bumble Bee'

A total eye stopper in any salad or appetizer you can think of! This new cherry/grape variety from our local tomato breeder Fred Hempel differs from the other colors in his Bumble Bee series by being dark purple to black with crazy lime green & bronzy purple stripes! Added to its good looks, the 1.5” tomatoes have the perfect balance of sweet/acid/smoky flavor treasured in the bigger black tomatoes that are popular but difficult to grow on the CA coast. Ripening at 60-70 days from planting, it should do well in cool as well as hot summers, & it is very resistant to cracking, the scourge of many cherry tomatoes. Grow in very good garden soil in full sun & provide a stake or a large cage to support the 4-6 feet tall indeterminate plants. Produces lots of tomatoes over a very long season.

Anni J,

Full Sun
Average water

60-70 Days

Annual Edible
All Zones