Papaver hybridum
'Violet Feathers'

Papaver hybridum 'Violet Feathers'

Whimsy incarnate! 5” wide vivid lavender poof-ball blooms bobble on 3’ high stalks. There are few things more magical than giant fluffy balls waggling around the garden & this variety, with its gorgeous candy-like color, will fill your Frivolity Void right up to the brim! Plant in a group for a dramatic display or combine with our other varieties of poofy poppies. Collect all the colors to create a truly magical fairytale-esque display. Don’t forget to let them go to seed so you can relive the magic next year – possibly with new, never-before-seen colors! Rich soil for best show.

Poppy Fans - As cool season growers, Papavers should be planted only when extreme heat or extreme cold is notanticipated!

Due to Agricultural Restrictions we cannot ship this plant to West Virginia

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