Papaver hybridum
'Lavender Semi-Double'
Papaver hybridum 'Lavender Semi-Double'

Near-white outer petals are the perfect backdrop for an explosion of deepest-purple to pale lavender super-fringed inner petals surrounding a vivid green center. Growing up to 3’ high, this extremely ornamental poppy creates a scrumptious display of 4” wide flowers perfect for the middle of a sunny bed. Plant in a grouping for a good-sized clump of Fabulous or mix with other Papavers for a living bouquet. The good times don’t end when the flowers fall. Huge ornamental pods can be left on all year long or collected for dried flower arrangements. Let seeds fall for free poppies next year (or harvest them for poppy seed bread!). Plant in rich soil for best performance.

Poppy Fans - As cool season growers, Papavers should be planted only when extreme heat or extreme cold is not anticipated!

Due to Agricultural Restrictions we cannot ship this plant to West Virginia.


Avg./Low water

All Zones