Papaver hybridum
'Afghan Pink and White'

Papaver hybridum 'Afghan Pink and White"

Gorgeous bi-color blooms  with a white center darkening to a bold pink and fabulously flirty fringed tips that are both romatique and dramatique. Whopping big blooms up to 4” wide on stalks up to 4’ tall means this awesome annual will be the star of your Spring garden. Plant in a group for serious Poppy punch or mix with other varieties to create interesting combinations. Allow the seed pods to dry on the stalk not only for their beautiful architectural form, but also so they can set seed, giving you plenty of free poppies next Spring! Provide rich soil for best show.

Poppy Fans - As cool season growers, Papavers should be planted only when extreme heat or extreme cold is not anticipated!

Due to Agricultural Restrictions we cannot ship this plant to West Virginia

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Average water

All zones