'Lady Aquarius'

Aquamarine leaves edged in delicate shades of pink make this startling succulent look like a ruffly underwater sea anemone. Don’t even pretend that you don’t want one - everyone wants one! Forming a loose, 8” rosette, it’s equally at home in the garden or as a fantastical container specimen. Echeverias make great plants for beginning gardeners – they’re tough and resilient. If you manage to overwater or underwater them you can just cut their heads off, replant them and start again! Does best in full sun along the coast, but in hotter areas a bit of shade is best. Good drainage is a must for a happy, healthy plant. Combine with Crassula capitella ssp. thyrsiflora ‘Pagoda Village’ and Sempervivums for a super easy succulent “aquascape”.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/AM Sun
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9b-11