Abutilon Palmeri
"Indian Mallow"

Abutilon palmeri

A fuzzy-leaved Abutilon for HOT, DRY, SUNNY gardens! Native to Southern California, this plant can really take the heat! Growing quickly to form a rounded shrub 4-5’ tall and wide with highly ornamental velvety grey-green heart-shaped leaves. Blooms almost ALL YEAR  with 1” yellow flowers, the showiest display occurring in Spring and Summer. Perfect for feeding a variety of native bees and butterflies. Generally evergreen,  but it may go deciduous in Summer during extreme drought or in Winter if there’s a bad cold snap. To help prevent leaf-loss, protect from hard frosts and provide some afternoon shade in really hot areas. Plant in well-draining soil for a happy plant and prune after flowering for a full and bushy form. Wear gloves while pruning as the leaves can cause dermatitis in some people.

Plant Unicorn

Sun (coast)
Sun/Pt.Sun (Inland)

Low Water

CA Native
Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-10