Ficus pumila
"Creeping Fig"
Ficus pumila "Creeping Fig"

This EASY, FAST, shade-loving evergreen vine is quite handy for covering an ugly fence, or a brick or concrete wall. Quickly creates a lovely, dense ivy wall effect (up to 4 stories high!) covered in inch-long, oval-heart shaped leaves that self-cling to any surface with adhesive aerial rootlets. Vigorous to 15 degrees F, deer-resistant and drought tolerant once established. After several years, the larger adult leaves will make their appearance - do shear these back to the fence/wall in order to maintain and promote the more attractive juvenile foliage. With an annual pruning thereafter, it's a beautiful, verdant backdrop for a shady or part shady patio. It’s also nice on an arbor or trellis. Not fussy about soil.


Pt. Sun/Shade

Avg./Low water
(once established)

Perennial vine
USDA zones 7-9