Lasthenia californica ssp. macrantha
"Perennial Goldfields"
Lasthenia californica ssp. macrantha "Perennial Goldfields"

Cheerful yellow flowers on burgundy stems smother this RARE coastal California native flower nearly year ‘round (January thru November in some areas!) making it ideal for bringing native bees and butterflies to the garden. Firm, shiny leaves form a dense weed-suppressing mat up to 6” high and a bit wider. Super easy to grow, especially along the coast, where it thrives in full Sun and damp coastal breezes. For inland gardeners, a bit of shade and occasional water is best. Dies back in Winter, returning in Spring. Tends to be a bit short-lived - so don’t feel naughty if you want to grow “Perennial Goldfields” as an annual.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part shade
Avg./Low water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 6b-11