Alchemilla sericata
'Gold Strike'
"Lady’s Mantle"

Alchemilla sericata 'Gold Strike' "Lady's Mantle"

Yessirree, we hit the jackpot with this SUPER EASY, weed-suppressing, long-blooming, ground-coverish Alchemilla and you can, too! Spring thru late Summer - even in its first year - it's covered in umbels bursting with BRIGHT chartreuse/yellow frothy masses of tiny star-shaped blooms that attract bees, butterflies and lizards! Don't dismay when bloom season's done, the deeply-scalloped velvety silver-green leaves of 'Gold Strike' will provide fantastic foliar interest - it's evergreen in mild climates (elsewhere, it’s considered hardy deciduous). Maturing slowly to a compact cushion 2' tall by 2' across, it suits a front-of-border setting to a tee - or is perfectly lively in a large container or rock garden. Perfect for a shady spot, although it can take almost full sun if it gets enough water. Clay tolerant, but likes moist, well-draining soil best of all. Readily self-sows - deadhead if you don’t want more, or share the wealth! Deer and rabbits say "No thanks!" to snacking on this plant, too!


Part Sun/Shade
Average Water

USDA zones 3-8