'Winter Luxury Pie'

Pumpking 'Winter Luxury Pie'

A pumpkin pie maker's dream come true ever since its introduction in 1897! Those huge, gorgeous pumpkins you carve for Halloween and then attempt to salvage for pie? They're for show only, devoid of taste - unlike a real pie pumpkin & this is famously the best-tasting of them all. It's quite pretty too: petite 5-6 lb. fruits with a white, lacy netting over the golden surface & a long, elegant 'handle'. Give it fertile soil, water & space for the vines to spread. Will do best in full sun & may not be the best choice for very foggy areas. Matures in 105 days - do not harvest the pumpkins until the shell has hardened, as they continue to sweeten on the vine. Since it's not a good keeper, make squash puree from your surplus pumpkins & freeze until use.

"Winter Luxury Pie is my favorite orange pumpkin & were she not the finest pie stock in the land, she still would be a knockout...(it) makes the smoothest & most velvety pumpkin pie I've ever had. When cut into a wedge on a plate, it holds its shape, color, & flavor long after the competition has keeled over & died." - Amy Goldman, author of The Compleat Squash

-Anni J

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