Pepper 'Chile de Arbol'
"Hot Pepper" (Capsicum annuum)

This colorful Mexican hottie can grow up to 4' tall, ideal for planting in a large container, or 18" to 2' apart in your Summer veggie garden. The diminuitive tapered peppers (to 3" long by less than 1/2" wide) are green, ripening to a showy, brilliant red - when dried, they'll keep their fiery color & can be used whole or powdered to add a burst of Latin HEAT & flavor to your cooking. Rated 15,000 to 30,000 Scoville units on the spicy scale, they make an excellent substitute for Cayenne! (Cool it down a bit by removing the seeds.) They'll do best in a Mediterranean climate with plenty of warmth & sunshine, with regular (not too much!) water. Be sure to wash those hands after touching these peppers - residual oils can be an unwanted surprise if they end up in a sensitive area!


Avg. wall

Annual vegetable
All zones

85 days