'Peach Breeze'

Antirrhinum 'Peach Breeze'


What a wonderful, long-blooming Snapdragon - with delightfully chubby, frilly flower faces that attract bees & birds galore. Grows up to 2' high, "Peach Breeze" produces scads of upright flower spikes that can keep going almost year-round in cool Summer areas. This variety features one of the great flower color combinations of peachy pink-yellow that works well with almost any other color from the iridescent blue-pinks of Geranium 'Rozanne' to the cheerful purple faces of Viola 'Whopping Purple Whiskers'. With its lovely color, large spike size & delightful fragrance,'Peach Breeze' makes an ideal long-lasting cut flower. Remember to deadhead regularly if you want nearly endless rounds of bloom.



Avg. water

USDA zones 6-10