Papaver nudicaule
'Wonderland Orange'

Papaver nudicaule 'Wonderland Orange'

More compact in stature than many other Icelandic Poppies, 4” wide, yellow-eyed, BRIGHT orange blooms nod happily atop fuzzy, graceful stems no taller than 12”. The tidy cluster of bluish-green, feathery foliage spreads to 15” wide, making this a perfect choice for a container, or a way to add cheerful splashes of nearly-year-round color to any bed or border, from mid-Spring well into Winter. You’ll get plenty of birds, bees and butterflies buzzing around the crepe-papery tangerine blooms - keep the show going by dead-heading regularly, or trim blooms for sweet bouquets (singe the stems after cutting to keep these orange beauties fresh and perky). Loves well-draining soil, DOES NOT love very hot weather, making it a good choice for gardeners in milder climates. Considered a short-lived perennial under ideal conditions - not to worry, as an EASY TO GROW annual, they’ll happily self-sow.


Sun/Pt. shade
Avg. water

All zones