Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var.griseus
'Yankee Point'
"California Lilac"

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var griseus Yankee Point California Lilac

One of the best choices for a sophisticated, drought tolerant, fast growing and weed suppressing groundcover or hillside stabilizer. Showy, glossy evergreen foliage forms a mounding mass to 30" tall, spreading rapidly to 10 ft. across. In late Winter and Spring, it smothers itself in lovely mid-blue 1" flower clusters adored by the bees and butterflies. This easy "California Lilac" tolerates more water and clay than other varieties but do keep drainage and low fertility in mind. Thrives under oaks and salt tolerant. Deer and fire resistant.


Sun (coast)
Pt. shade (inland)

Low/No Summer Water (coast)
Low/Avg. Water (inland)

CA Native
Perennial Shrub/Groundcover
USDA zones 8-10