Snow Pea
‘Taichung 13’

Pea 'Taichung'

Tasty, tough and surprisingly tolerant of heat! This snow pea from the Taichung district in Taiwan surprised us by surviving a hot spell that killed all our other trial peas. Plus it has lovely white and pink bi-color flowers, followed by tender, delicious pea pods. Pretty, strong, and tasty - this one is a keeper! Produces 3-4” pods that should be picked young (5-6 days after flowering) for best taste and tenderness. Most productive if continuously harvested. Excellent raw, steamed, or stir-fried. The vines grow to 6’ tall, so plant seedlings 1’ apart against a trellis with netting where the tendrils can get a grip. Best planted in early Spring or in Fall; ‘Taichung’ has some heat tolerance, but like other peas, it prefers cool weather.

Anni J

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