Pak Choi

Pak choi 'Violetta'

A STUNNING new Pac Choi variety with rich violet leaf tops & contrasting bright green stems & undersides. One of the best annual choices for brightening up edible landscapes, it’s an equally fine choice to eat. ‘Violetta’ will produce baby greens for salads in 30 days & can be planted quite densely - but if you want full sized Pac Choi, plant or thin the starts to 8 inches apart, then pick the leaves & use in stir-fries & soups. To grow well, it needs fertile garden soil, so don’t skimp on the compost & grow in raised beds or containers if your soil is still on the heavy side. Responds best to decreasing day length, thus a perfect Fall crop - but a very early Spring crop can also work well in mild Winter areas. Should ‘Violetta’ start to bolt due to frost or hot temperatures, harvest immediately. VERY TASTY, but also delicious to slugs & snails, so keep it well protected from your competitors!


-Anni J

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