Erythrina caffra
“Coast Coral Tree”

Erythrina caffra "Coast Coral Tree" Erythrina caffra "Coast Coral Tree"


The perfect tree to brighten up those dull Winter months! “Coast Coral Tree” is considered magical by the Zulu culture, producing scads of bright coral-red flowers all Winter & into Spring when the leaves have fallen. Get ready to be inundated with hummingbirds - they will hover in line for a chance at these nectar-rich blooms! The fruits of this tree are small (2.5” long), necklace-shaped pods that contain gorgeous red & black seeds, known as “lucky beans”, which age to a rich mahogany & are often used in folk jewelry. Growing about 20-40’ high with a spread of around 25-35’ on average - the size can vary greatly depending on climate & soil conditions. Prefers moist soil, but will tolerate dry conditions in coastal regions. Caution: Hard-shelled seeds can be poisonous to some animals.


Moist/Low water

Perennial tree
USDA zones 9b-11