'Persian Green Fingers’

Cucumber 'Persian Green Fingers'

Usually found only in Middle Eastern markets, finger-sized (3-5”) cucumbers have a crisp, sweet, clean taste. No bitterness, and no peeling required. ‘Persian Green Fingers’ are likely to be eaten as a snack in the garden, but they’re great in any dish calling for cucumbers. The self-pollinating vines are vigorous & resistant to powdery mildew; not only do they start producing early, but they can keep going for a long time. Also known to produce well under ‘challenging’ conditions (low/high temperatures) they’re highly recommended for container gardening. Plant the seedlings gently, taking care to avoid disturbing the roots. Keep them moist, but not soggy. Trellising is recommended (but not necessary) to keep the vines uniformly straight & also makes it much easier to spot cucumbers that are ready to eat.


-Anni J

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