Aristolochia chilensis
'Chilean Pipe Vine’

Aristolochia chilensis 'Chilean Pipe Vine’ Aristolochia chilensis 'Chilean Pipe Vine’


Hooray! ‘Chilean Pipe Vine’ sparkles in cultivation, twining its pipe-like flowers & boomerang shaped leaves into a stunning & unusual 10’ long (or more) by 1’ high perennial vine. Blooming almost year-round, the beautifully bizarre 6 to 12”, deep maroon pipe flowers emit Parfum de carrion to attract flies that are trapped by sea anemone-like white fuzz until pollination is complete. The foliage holds fascination, too – spotted, bright green leaf masses on 3’ scrambling canes, native to coastal Chilean plains & mountains where lots of Winter rainfall & occasional light frosts are the norm. Give it well-draining, rich soil & water 2 times a week while it’s getting established – afterwards, it is drought tolerant. All parts of this plant are poisonous when ingested!


Full Sun
Avg./Low water

Perennial vine
USDA zones 9-10