Capsicum baccatum
'Aji Amarillo'

Photos courtesy of Melanie Williams

THE signature pepper of Peruvian and Bolivian cooking with a smoky, fruity flavor that is unique to the species. Some describe the flavor as having berry overtones and a medium to high heat. Excellent in sauce, pepper paste, pickled, dried, and especially stuffed and roasted! Easy to grow, the plant reaches 6’ tall and 3’ wide. Naturally a bit lanky - pinch it back occasionally during its initial growth to promote bushiness – they generally loose the lower leaves over time and end up looking like pepper-bearing trees. So cute! Fruits start out yellow and mature to a golden orange generally reaching 5” or more long! Freeze some peppers for use throughout the year. ‘Aji Amarillo’ needs a long time to mature, more than 80 days. Perennial in frost-free zones, it’s also well-suited to a large container and can be over-Wintered indoors in a sunny window.

Full Sun
Average water

80-100 days
Perennial vegetable
USDA zones 5-11
(annual elsewhere)