‘Cecile Brunner’
“Climbing Polyantha Rose”

Rosa Cecile Brunner Climbing Polyantha Rose Rosa Cecile Brunner Climbing Polyantha Rose
Photo (left) courtesy of Rita Xavier

The poster child for cottage-garden climbing roses! Extremely vigorous and easy to grow, this nearly thornless Polyantha romps and rambles up trellises, archways and fences – easily reaching 20’ tall! In Spring, the perfectly pink, extra ruffly, lightly fragrant blooms emerge in almost outrageous abundance for a first, glorious show followed by lesser flushes throughout the year – right thru Winter in frost-free climates! Exceptionally disease and pest resistant, drought tolerant, and not at all picky about soil – it’s the perfect climber for anyone who likes a lot of flower without a lot of fuss.


Average Water

Perennial Climber
USDA zones 5-11