Echium fastuosum
'Star of Madeira'

Echium fastuosum 'Star of Madeira'

Absolutely fabulous focality! It’s rare that I fall in love with a variegated plant (sorry, guys – I instinctively want to mother them back to full “healthy” greenness) but this stunningly variegated form of “Pride of Madeira” is so lush, vigorous and dense of habit – to 4’ tall and 7’ across – even out of bloom, it makes a terrific light-up-the-garden focal shrub. Of course, there are also those big, fat blue spikes held well above the foliage in Spring. Really, who wouldn’t want this dramatic and carefree shrub in their garden? Highly drought tolerant, but I’d give it at least some occasional Summer water and tip prune for ultimate best appearance. Not fussy about soil, but does appreciate good drainage, so it’s an excellent choice for low water hillsides. Likes a bit of annual compost, too. Attracts bees, hummers and butterflies. Self sows.

Echium fastuosum 'Star of Madeira' Echium fastuosum 'Star of Madeira'



Full Sun
Low/No Summer Water

USDA Zones 9-10