Carex appalachica
“Appalachian Sedge”

Carex appalachica "Appalachian Sedge"

Need a groundcover for shade? Yee-Haw! We’re in luck ‘cause the ESPECIALLY RARE Appalachian Sedge is here & what a multi-faceted, mop-topped little beauty it is! It does GREAT in partial, or even full shade – dang, you can even plant it at the base of a big tree! If long, hot Summers get you all choked up ‘cause there’s no water in sight, this here plant is not only drought tolerant - it does well in almost any soil - so long as it doesn’t get soggy. Grows into an airy cluster to 12” tall by 18” wide – a perfect, carefree little grass with fine leaves that add texture & movement to a variety of gardens. Also first-rate growing in a container, in a rock garden or along the edge of a border.


Coastal sun/Full shade
Avg. Water

USDA Zones 4-9