‘Baby Bear’

Pumpkin ‘Baby Bear’

 photo: Fee-Jasmin Rompza

Pumpkins are glorious Fall apparitions, ready to carve, paint and if you buy the right kind, ready to be turned into pies and soups. ‘Baby Bear’ is a mini pumpkin that still looks like a standard pumpkin should: perfect orange orbs (6” diameter and 4” tall) with long slender handles, just the right size and heft for a child’s hand. The orange flesh is fine grained and tasty, making it a fine cooking pumpkin. The seeds are semi-hulless, good roasted for snacks. The plant is relatively compact, 12-18” tall with a spread of 4 feet. Plant in a well fertilized garden bed in full sun and keep well watered. Let the pumpkins stay on the vine until they are uniformly colored and the rind resists denting when pressed with a thumbnail. Cure for 10 days at 80 degrees; the pumpkins will then store well for 3-4 months. AAS winner.

Anni J

Full Sun
Average Water

Annual Edible
All USDA Zones