Cucumber ‘Suyo Long’

Cucumber ‘Suyo Long’

photo: Megan Hodde

A Chinese cucumber with long slender cukes, popular because of its sweet & tender flesh. When larger, it is also traditionally cooked in Asian dishes. With attractively knobby & spiny skin, it scores high for its good looks. If you let the vines sprawl, the cucumber will naturally become circular; on a trellis they will be straight & up to 15” long. Trellising also makes it much easier to spot cucumbers that are ready to eat. ‘Suyo Long’ is not a hybrid but it is resistant to the scourge of cucurbits: powdery mildew. Thus it remains healthy & produces cucumbers for a long time. Prepare a garden bed in full sun with a lot of compost. Gently plant the seedlings 6-12” apart, taking care to avoid disturbing the roots. Then keep them moist, but not soggy.  Known to thrive in hot weather, it has also done well in the coastal East Bay.

Anni J.

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