Zucchini ‘Astia’
“Container Zucchini”
 Zucchini ‘Astia’ “Container Zucchini”

photo:Renee Shepherd

Don’t have half an acre to dedicate to a ginormous rambler of a Zucchini this Summer? Perfect for even the teeny tiniest of veggie gardens, ‘Astia’ stays a cute & compact 2-3’ tall & wide, making it ideal for container life (mimimum size for one plant is a 15” pot). A fancy French bush variety, it’s an early producer, so you’ll be harvesting glossy skinned, tasty, deep green fruits in no time (technically 48 days from when we sowed the seed). Harvest when fruits are 5” long. Wonderful roasted, steamed or baked! Flowers are delish, too! Bonus points for pretty silvery-green, deeply indented leaves.

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