‘Little Brother Montgomery’

Intensely ornamental, “Little Brother Montgomery” (named for blues pianist and singer Eurreal W. Montgomery) may be the showiest and most colorful Begonia we’ve ever seen! Veined and edged in purply-blue-bronze, the star-shaped leaves are stunningly spattered in brightest silver. Bushy in habit, it can grow up to 4’ in the ground, though it’s prettier kept pruned back to 30”. You can grow it in a container, of course, which allows you to bring it indoors in Winter if you live in a frosty climate. Wouldn’t it be a sparkly front porch or patio subject? Do grow in rich, well drained soil and protect from drying wind and sun.


Shade/Brt. Shade
Avg./Moist Water

USDA Zones 10-11