Art - Dragonfly Set
Beyond Borders Wall Sculpture

Art - Dragonfly Set Beyond Borders Wall Sculpture

Enjoy dragonflies in your garden year-round!

These whimsical folk art dragonflies are made from cast-off pieces of 55 gallon oil drums. The steel from each drum is cleaned, sliced, hammered and chiseled by Haitian artists through a fair trade program called Beyond Borders and artists are paid directly for their pieces. Each sculpture is a mark of an artist’s imagination and resourcefulness in the face of dire economic circumstances. The set includes two intricately detailed dragonflies in flight, each signed by the artist who made them. Sealed with a clear varnish, they make a lovely accent in the garden or on a wall in your home. Each dragonfly measures 9" x 11".


Note: Dragonfly design may vary slightly.

Dragonfly Set