Papaver nudicaule
‘Wonderland Yellow’

Papaver nudicaule Wonderland Yellow

Sunshiney, translucent golden-yellow blooms, up to 4” wide will add a splash of late-Winter through Spring cheer to any sunny spot in mild Winter gardens when planted out in Fall/Winter. Keep the flower fest going strong by deadheading spent blooms, or even better, bring the blooms inside for beauteous bouquets. Cut flowers before the buds open and make sure to singe the stem ends to extend life in a vase. Growing to 12” high and 12-18” wide, it’s a great candidate for a container. Be warned that heat and humidity are its biggest foes. While technically a short-lived perennial, it’s typically planted as a self-sowing annual.

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Avg. Water

Annual/Short-Lived Perennial
USDA Zones 2-9