Echium simplex

Echium simplex Echium simplex
Photo (left) courtesy of Marion Brenner

A plant to lust for! Yes, we are huge fans of the genus Echium and this is probably the rarest one we can grow here in Northern California. A 4-9’ pure white solitary tower of huggable horticultural hotness rises up from a sturdy, dark silvery green rosette in Summer. Can you imagine a grouping of these? Otherworldy! E. simplex takes a year or 3 to bloom, but hey –when it does, your gardening pals will probably elect you their leader! Do give it well-drained soil. The foliage rosette is low and silvery. Will re-seed and it’s said to hybridize with other Echiums.

Echium simplex Echium simplex
Photo (Right) courtesy of Karl Gercens


Full Sun

Low/No Summer Water
(once established)

USDA Zones 9-10