Lycium chinense
“Goji Berry”

Lycium chinense “Goji Berry”
Photo courtesy of (right) Alan Skyrme

Now instead of paying beaucoup bucks for a handful of shriveled fruit you can grow your own plump berries on a handsome, arching shrub! Yay! Not only is it a lovely perennial edible that bears innumerable 1” long bright-red fruit – you also get the bonus of the leaves which can be used to make tea. Pale purple, 1/2” inch wide flowers occur June thru September with berries ripening late July thru October. Berries can be eaten fresh for a sweet treat, or dried to use in teas. Forms a multi-branching shrub 3-6’ high by 3-10’ wide with an attractive semi-weeping form. Cut back to 2’ once leaves drop to encourage bushiness. Moderately rich, well drained soil is best. Containers are A-Okay (1/2 wine barrel or larger).


Full Sun
Average Water

Perennial Berry Bush
USDA Zones 4-10