Amarygia ‘Wayne's Raspberry’


We were elated when Ken Monger, keeper of now departed & much loved plantsman Wayne Roderick’s collection, delivered seeds for these “ladies” to our doorstep & we’re most excited to share them. Originally bred by Les Hannibal, these plants are seed grown from the darkest flowered forms in Wayne’s collection. There should be a predominance of deep pinks & almost reds, but lighter colors may appear. Like all “Naked Ladies” these plants will endure in the garden, or wherever you plant them, increasing slowly & persisting well after you’re gone. The 2’ strappy leaves are present during the wet of Winter & die back when the rains stop. Then, in Summer – surprise! The show begins - 2’ flowering stalk spring naked from the ground, each crowned with 12-15 swoonsome & huge 3-5” trumpets. Many forms are fragrant. Adapts to most soils.


Claire Woods


Low/No Water

USDA Zones 7a-11