Echium fastuosum
“Pride of Madeira”

Poor soil, dry soil, clayish soil! Absolutely magnificent in bloom here in coastal CA. This FAST growing, TOUGH perennial plant straight out of “Fantasia” boasts huge bold 2’ spikes that erupt in Spring, varying in color from true-blue to royal purple, atop a handsome multi-branching dome of long narrow foliage. To 5-6’ tall and wide, it requires no Summer water along the coast (once established) – occasional water inland. Cut spent spikes after bloom and tip-pinch/gently prune to maintain the dense habit. Bee and hummingbird heaven! Does well in POOR, DRY SOIL, but needs drainage. Does not grow in warm, humid climates like Florida. Deer resistant! Native to Madeira Island, north of the Canary Islands.


Avg./No Summer Water
Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-10