Giant Ground Cherry
(Physalis peruviana)

Giant Ground Cherry Physalis peruviana Giant Ground Cherry Physalis peruviana

A delectable berry, easily grown by home gardeners. It took only one sample of a dried berry dipped in dark chocolate to win me over! The fruits are also eaten out of hand, frozen for sorbet, cooked into jam (self-jelling due to a high pectin content), or dried. The flavor is characteristically sweet/tart and very intense. Mostly grown as a tender annual – it’s a short-lived perennial in mild winter areas. Quickly grows to 3’ high and wide. Avoid fertilizers for better fruit set, even on sandy soil. Great in a large container. Eat berries when they are golden and falling off the plant. They will continue to mature within their lantern like calyx. If kept dry and cool and inside the calyx, the berries can be stored for months.

Giant Ground Cherry Physalis peruviana

Anni J.

Full Sun
Average Water

Perennial Edible
USDA zones 9-11
(annual elsewhere)