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We know you already love freaky plants - you’ve discovered Annie’s! I’d been excitedly awaiting Bizarre Botanicals’ arrival for a couple weeks as a peculiar plant aficionado myself, and it did not disappoint. The authors of this new book from Timber Press stuck with a couple key principles for selecting the weirdos they featured: most are naturally occurring (no odd ball cultivars), available for sale (we carry quite a few) and relatively growable for the average Joe/Josie. Each plant is rated with an easy to understand difficulty level, along with detailed instructions for success. They’ve divvied up the book into cool categories including: “The Plant Zoo” (animalistic plants), “Love Plants” (amorous plants), “Odd Inflorescences” (freaky flowers) and much more that all make for a super fun read. New and old plant lovers alike will get a kick out of this amusing, well written book. Check out some of the bizarros featured in the book we have to offer:

By Larry Mellichamp and Paula Gross
Hardcover, 255 pages, 6½ x 8"; 114 color photos