Ecballium elaterium
“Squirting Cucumber”

Ecballium elaterium “Squirting Cucumber” Ecballium elaterium “Squirting Cucumber”
Wanna have some fun with an unwary visitor? Or delight the kids? “Squirting Cucumber provides excellent garden entertainment! The small, 2” cucumbers fill with slimey juice as they ripen & the pressure eventually causes the cucumber to burst off its stalk and explosively shoot up to 6 yards away - leaving a trail of seeds along the way. Just gently shake the vine when the cukes are fat & ready, and KABOOM! Ecballium elaterium is a trailing, bushy perennial with yellow, funnel-shaped flowers and palm-like, bristly, watermelon-scented leaves. Rich soil and regular water is best. I can be grown in the garden or ½ barrel. Don’t eat the cucumbers, as the juice is a cathartic. Remove any unwanted seedlings. To 1' high & 3' wide.
Regular Water
USDA Zones 9-11