Calycanthus chinensis
“Chinese Sweet Shrub”
 Calucanthus sinensis "Chinese Sweet Shrub"

One of the oldest known flowering plants with fossil records dating back to 144 million years. “Chinese Wax Shrub” is related to “Carolina Allspice” (C. floridus) of the eastern U.S. This very rare species, native to Zheijang Province of Southeast Asia, makes a lovely rounded upright shrub 6’-8’ tall with extremely pretty flowers. 3” across, with white- flushed pink, thick, waxy outer petals and bright yellow inner petals, the blooms nod from branch tips from April to June. High ornamental, the glossy dark Camellia-like leaves are up to 4” across and turn yellow in the Fall. It’s deciduous and thrives in rich, humusey soil and part shade, but will probably accept full sun in coastal zones like ours.


Sun/Pt. Sun
Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 4-9
(maybe 10)