“Mexican Sour Gherkin”
(Melothria scabra)

Cucumber “Mexican Sour Gherkin” (Melothria scabra)

photos: Meighan

It’s a cucumber cute attack! This wee cucurbit from south of the border is also known as the “Mouse Melon.” Indeed, the seriously small (1-2”) fruits look like wee watermelons for a mousey picnic. Growing on dainty vines to 5’, they bear prolifically till frost. The fruits have a sweet cucumber flavor with an acidic bite. Great fresh in salads, but they make awesome pickles. Awesome, adorable pickles. Great for kids & grownups like m’self who are suckers for this kind of stuff.

Claire Woods

Cucumber “Mexican Sour Gherkin” (Melothria scabra)

Avg. Water

80 days