Physalis pruinosa
“Ground Cherry”

Physalis pruinosa “Ground Cherry” 

photo: Pen Waggener

A fun new fruit to try! These funny little tomato-relatives have a sweet pineapple + melon flavor with a hint of tomato. They are excellent made into jam or tossed into a salad. Or snack on them while you garden! Supposedly good dipped in chocolate (but then what isn’t?), the yellow “cherries” are wrapped in a paper husk. For best flavor let the fruits fall from the plant. To harvest, lift the prostrate branches off the ground & collect the fruit. They store well in a paper bag in the fridge for quite a while if you are collecting enough to make jam, otherwise plant several so you’ll have enough to work with. Pull the fruit out of their paper husks when you’re ready to eat them. The plant is low & sprawly, 6” tall & 3-4’ wide. The foliage is poisonous so eat the fruits only! From Central & South America. Reseeds- that is if you leave some of the fruit behind-I didn’t!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Sun-Pt. Shade
Low-Avg. Water

  All USDA Zones