'Ruby Streaks'

Mustard Ruby Streaks Mustard Ruby Streaks

Long-lasting thrills and frills! Beautiful in the garden as well as on the plate. Finely cut, deepest black-purple foliage forms an airy mound to about 2-3’ tall and wide. The rib running down each leaf is a crisp green, making a beautiful counterpoint to the foliage. The flavor is mild and without bitterness, yet still has that distinct mustard flavor. Once your plant hits its peak growth, attractive bright yellow blooms (also edible!) pop throughout the plant. Delicious in a salad, stir fry, or any other dish your heart desires. Beautiful addition to any garden whether it’s grown as an edible or ornamental. Highly recommended!

Mustard Ruby Streaks

Average Water

Annual Vegetable
Matures at 45 days